Rubellite’s has over 140 net sections of land prospective for Clearwater heavy oil exploration and development

Rubellite’s is developing its pure Play Clearwater asset base in Eastern Alberta utilizing multi-lateral drilling technology. Six to eight horizontal laterals, typically close to a mile in length, are drilled from a single host well to open up over 8,000 meters per well of reservoir for production. Multiple wells are drilled from surface pad sites to maximize capital efficiencies while at the same time concentrating activity for low-cost operations. The properties have excellent existing road networks for operations and nearly year-round drilling access.

Rubellite has set a robust pace for organic growth in production, reserves, funds flow and value for shareholders. Ongoing drilling activity is delineating Rubellite’s extensive land position and evaluating innovative technologies and practices to drive continuous capital efficiency improvements.

Clearwater prospect inventory to support 5,000 to 10,000 bbl/d growth plan


potential multi-lateral
drilling locations


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Core Properties

Ukalta   |   Figure Lake   |   Marten Hills